Roma Gry

Roma Gry teams up with Sljivovica at Raw Canvas

Friday, November 5th marked Roma Gry’s highly successful performance at the Raw Canvas café (on 1046 Hamilton Street, Vancouver). The group Sljivovica extended an invitation to join them in performing at their regular venue;perhaps a beginning of a series of future creative collaborations.

The audience at Raw Canvas gave a warm reception to the songs; many sang along and danced to the rhythm of the melody. The café was packed, and to give everyone a glimpse of their dance numbers, Roma Gry dancers resorted to performing on tabletops! One could feel the excitement of the audience from the very first note, and the whole performance went by without a pause. After the final number, the audience kept demanding an encore performance – someone from the audience would sing out a new melody requesting the performers to carry it on. An impromptu “mini concert” on the request of the audience resulted.

Roma Gry’s next performance will be held on November 28, 2010 at the German Club “Alpen House.” Russian newspaper “Vancouver Express” will be celebrating its anniversary on the lower level ballroom of the Club. Tickets are $30. Inquire with us.


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