Roma Gry

Catch us at the 17th European Festival – May 31st, 2014


Exciting new announcement! Roma Gry will be performing at the 17th European Festival at Swangard Stadium, in Burnaby.

When: Saturday, May 31st, 2014 at noon (shortly after the Opening Ceremony)

Where: Swangard Stadium, 3883 Imperial Street, Burnaby, BC, (in Central Park)

Tickets: The event is ticketed, with 15$ all-day admission (free for children under 10)

The festival takes places at the Beautiful Central Park in Burnaby, BC and will feature family-friendly fun, amazing food and drinks from all over Europe, and a myriad of cultural performances - including ours!

"Come watch local artists ignite the stage to kick-off summer with energy-pumping live shows!"

We hope to see you there, and tell your friends, too!





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